Mese: Luglio 2012

Upgrading RHEL 5.6 to 5.8 with YUM

Recently i was committed to update a lab machine from RHEL 5.6 to RHEL 5.8 in order to make it compliant with a new version of flare that the storage team  has scheduled to deploy on the Clariion. To do this i used the yum method. We are using an internal yum server that supply…
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WWN quick report in AIX os

  Often we need just a simple info but we’d like to have it in a report ready format . The following (just2lines-)script greps the fibre channel informations (in this case location code and WWN)  and displays them .   #!/usr/bin/ksh lscfg | grep fcs for i in `lscfg -vp |grep fcs| awk ‘{print $1}’`…
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