Starting sshd … PRNG is not seeded

Yesterday i applied TL7SP5 to a Aix 6.1 lpar and after reboot it just was inactive on the network…

Log on the lpar through hmc and …surprise , all daemons were stopped..
I thought , just start them … but first of all i’ll start sshd … eheh

root@pprctest:/#startsrc -s sshd
0513-059 The sshd Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 4128828.
root@pprctest:/#PRNG is not seeded
PRNG is not seeded
PRNG is not seeded

mmm i’ll need to investigate , going on searching i try to check permissions on the /dev/random and /dev/urandom files …
but  /dev/*random* devices were missing…….and I had to really need them!

# odmget CuDvDr | grep -p random
resource = “ddins”
value1 = “random”
value2 = “32”
value3 = “”

root@pprctest:/# mknod /dev/random c 32 0
root@pprctest:/# mknod /dev/urandom c 32 1
root@pprctest:/# randomctl -l

root@pprctest:/# stopsrc -s sshd

root@pprctest:/# startsrc -s sshd

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